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Fein MSXE-636-2 Multi-Master Electric Variable Speed Kit includes Flush Cutting Blade and Scraper Blade a $44.00 Value

Fein MSXE-636-2 Multi-Master Electric Variable Speed Kit includes Flush Cutting Blade and Scraper Blade

Shipping weight: 6.95 pounds
ASIN: B0000223OP
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Fein Multi-Master combines a detail sander, saw blade, and scraper into one tool, giving you a complete package to handle multiple tasks.

  • Quiet, vibration-free operation
  • Detail sander, saw, and scraper in one
  • Unique oscillating action
  • Virtually eliminates hand operations
  • One-year warranty Review
With the Fein MultiMaster the possibilities and the tool's capabilities are seemingly endless. Here's a list of what Fein says you can do with the MultiMaster: sanding, scraping, sawing, rasping, cutting, slicing, and grout removal. And that's just for starters. It's a compact little 2-1/2-pound tool that sits comfortably in your hand, and, because it oscillates instead of orbiting or rotating, it offers literally no hand fatigue from vibration. It includes a fabulous bunch of accessories that let you take up old flooring; trim new flooring under a door; remove old grout; sand anything anywhere; saw into all kinds of material with a .5 mm kerf; remove old paint, adhesives, caulking, oil stains, and graffiti; and plunge cut into drywall for repairs. It comes in a sturdy case with 30 sheets of sandpaper and all the accessories, including a book full of projects. There's even an optional dust-collection accessory (sold separately). The barrel grip feels great in your hand and makes you want to do all those household chores you've been putting off.

From the Manufacturer
The Fein Multi-Master combines a detail sander, saw blade, and scraper into one tool, giving you a complete package to handle multiple tasks. Use the triangle sander pad and go right up to, into, and along edges and corners without dulling the edge or altering the profile. Remove the sander pad, replace it with a special segmented saw blade, and saw wood, putty, and soft materials. Use the scraper to remove thick layers of old paint, grout, and flooring remnants. The Multi-Master can do so many things, you'll have a tough time deciding where to start. Your kit includes the Multi-Master, PSA sanding pad, segmented saw blade, scraper blade, carrying case, clamping screws, and 30 PSA sanding sheets.

From Hanley-Wood's Tools of the Trade: Really Fein Tool
Every once in a while you find a tool that becomes a favorite and you wonder why you didn't buy it years ago. For me, it's Fein's MultiMaster triangular detail sander. Talking with other boat builders, I'd hear about this great little tool. Then I'd look at the price tag and ask how a little sander could be worth close to $200. Now I know the answer: Easy.

I finally broke down and bought the tool not because I needed a sander but because I needed an oscillating saw and a power scraper. I had two leaky deck hatches that were insufficiently bedded in polyurethane adhesive. They needed to come out cleanly, and to get re-bedded and re-installed in one afternoon. The tool did the job quickly without scarring the adjoining finished surfaces. I was hooked.

The combination tool is definitely a good sander, but its major strength is a high-quality oscillating motor that has a wide range of attachments, which do small sanding, cutting, and scraping jobs in tight places wonderfully well. Do you need a saw that cuts wood, plastic, and metal, and doesn't stroke back and forth or throw sparks? How about a saw that can plunge-cut a 2x4 without touching any of the finished surfaces around it? Would a powered grout saw be helpful for tile work? In my shop we've found the different scrapers to be the best tools for removing dried sealants. We also use the different sized sanding pads for all kinds of detail work. The only times the tool doesn't do the job is when we've asked it to do too much. For example, it isn't the right tool for cutting 1/4-inch steel or for surface-sanding a tabletop.

If you have a small job in a tight place, odds are that the MultiMaster can help. The tool body is not cheap, though, and neither are the attachments. There are hook and loop pads as well as a vacuum pickup, buffing pads, carbide rasps, flush-cutting saws, hook-shaped scrapers, depth stops for the saws, and a diamond masonry saw.

This is a well-manufactured and well-thought-out tool. We've run it all day without it getting hot. It's well-balanced and comfortable to hold. You can vary the motor speed depending on the task and it has a super-long cord. In case you can't tell, I really like this tool. Not a day goes by where it doesn't get picked up and used. If you owe a cheap friend a favor, do something nice and buy him one of these.Copyright Hanley-Wood, LLC

Technical data:
  • Amps: 1.3
  • Volts: 115 AC
  • Watts out: 150
  • Orbits per minute: 12,000 to 21,000
  • Strokes per minute: N/A
  • Orbit diameter: 3/32 in.
  • Stroke length: N/A
  • Pad size: 3 in. triangle
  • Paper attachment type: PSA
  • Grip type: Barrel
  • Cord length: 16 ft. 4 in.
  • Cord type: 2-prong, rubber
  • Paper included: 30 sheets paper, scraper blade, wood cutting blade
  • Grade: Professional
  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Also included: None
  • Variable speed: Yes
  • Ball bearing construction: Yes
  • Dust collection: Yes
  • Cushion grip: No
  • Orbital motion: No
  • Dust bag included: No
  • Sandpaper included: Yes
  • Carrying case included: Yes
  • Other features: Unique oscillating head
  • Length: 9-7/16 in.
  • Width: 3-5/8 in.
  • Height: 3-5/8 in.
  • Tool weight: 2.4 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 5 lbs.
  • Product: 30-day no-risk trial, 1 year
  • Service: None

Customer Reviews:
Good tools, September 4, 2002
Reviewer: Dennis A. Tran from Houston, TX United States
I thought that I was crazy to spend that much money for a sander. It turns out its saw is the handiest thing I ever have used. It cuts through soft wood, like window trims and baseboards with ease and precision -- I don't know about hardwood, though. The device is light weight so you can manage it easily at various attitudes and angles. The sander works OK, but do remember it as a detail sander, that is, not for hoggin' old paint of a surface. Overall, it really is a time saver.

Pro: works as advertised; light weight; very low vibration, can be used for extended time without being tired; good carrying case; long power cord.
Con: high initial and consumable cost; annoyance high-pitch noise.

Perfect, August 3, 2002
Reviewer: Kevin T. Murphy from Upper Montclair, NJ USA
I just started using this tool today and man am I impressed! Incredible utility. Buy one!

What this tool is and is not., July 11, 2002
Reviewer: Tom Cork from St. Petersburg, FL United States
The Fein multimaster is a great detail sander. The scraper works pretty well too. It is not a saw. It seems that the folks at Fein want to make a lot of [money] trying to make this tool what it is not (and charging an arm and a leg for all attachments and sandpaper too). Grout removal...use a cut-out tool with a 1/8" carbide bit or a recip saw with the grout grabber for larger joints or the Dremel with a grout remover attachment for smaller joints. The fein will go through the carbide grout blade in a hurry...and its not cheap. Undercutting door frames...use a Bosch flush cut saw or if you undercut a lot of doors, buy a saw specifically for the purpose. The Fein blade will start getting dull and lose teeth after the first door.

WOW!!, June 7, 2002
Reviewer: jcgermain1 from Southport, CT United States
Legendary quality, durability design and function, seemingly indestructable. A bit heavy but unparallelld in quality. This tool is truley unbelievable and probably overbuilt for its use - which is refreshing in a tool I bought to use.

Why buy any other detail sander?, May 8, 2002
Reviewer: Bruce Pulaski from Arlington Heights, IL
At the recommendation of a salesman, I purchased the kit for some extensive home remodeling. I first used this product on some window casings, and was surprized how quickly and effortlessly I was able to complete the job! The extra long power cord is also a definate plus!

This tool is also very versatile. I was impressed by how many attachments are available. I can't wait to try them out!

It's not an inexpensive tool, but it's worth the investment and will pay for itself in no time.

well-worth the $$$, January 23, 2002
Reviewer: arthropod98
This tool is definitely on the pricey side, but it's worth EVERY penny!! I've only owned it for about a week or so, and I used it to trim some molding to lay tile underneath, and for some detail sanding just an absolutely FABULOUS purchase!! The molding cut was PERFECT and incredibly easy not much vibration either. This is a MUST-OWN!!!

1 Tool for just about anything, November 13, 2001
Reviewer: Andrew P Pindell from Westminster, Maryland United States
Over the weekend We put in a 9 foot French Door, This tool was amazing. Not only did it make it easy to cut the shims off (We all know how much a pain that can be when the door is offset from the frame the way it should be) But this Little tool did the trick, It fit nicely in the gaps, and took about an hour off the time. We also had to cut the metal strips that connect the Door itself to the sidelights, Not only did it Save time, It also saved my arm from using a hacksaw. And of course this is my Fav. part. I let my newphew, who is now getting into the install business, use the Fein Multimaster, Well he slipped and hit his hand, And would you beleive it didnt cut him. This tool reminds me of a Cast cutter, Will cut anything that doesnt have any give. So its Not only Powerful, its also Safe

Best of Class, September 14, 2001
Reviewer: frankels from Boulder, Colorado USA
Rarely are tools made this well. Low vibration, lots of sander and blade options and a very long cord. Two small notes about usage - 1) the plug blades aren't the tightest in an extension cord so I always have to knot it (it's European made so I'm not shocked) and 2) buy the sanding pads and addons from Fein USA (order form comes with tool) as the price is better than I've seen elsewhere. I haven't tried the suction attachment so I can't provide an opinion of dust collection capabilities. Also, be careful with the scaper blade when removing paint as the wood can get very hot and burn (sorry the tool doesn't totally replace hand scraping). Good luck!

I now have a fetish for perfect tools . . ., April 23, 2001
Reviewer: John E. P. Wallace from Cincinnati, OH USA
I sent a diy-grade detail sander back to the manufacturer a few weeks ago. I have no time for hand sanding and a lot of work to do. I bought this tool last weekend, and it is a REAL piece of work. It does NOT vibrate your hand, but it sands aggressively. It costs; but there is every indication that it is worth it. Quit obsessing and buy it.

Truly Fine!, March 31, 2001
Reviewer: theophile from USA
The Fein Multi-Master is one of those products that belittle the competition with its' prowess and ability to be in a class all by itself. It leads the pack in the detail sanding category. The oscillating action is aggressive enough for efficient material removal but appears to delicately handle the surface of the wood with out creating swirling or gouging marks. The oscillations also give it the uncanny ability, using the unique blades, to saw material with control without creating a lot of dust. As far as the scraper, I haven't had any projects yet to test this feature, but am sure it would be valuable. Once I put this tool in my hand, the feel, power and quality of the Fein Multi-Master sold me right away. I thought back at all the situations I struggled in a project that the Fein could have made much easier and faster. This is truly an investment in a power tool though. It and the extra accessories are not cheap, but what tool is that you expect to last a life time and be able to pass on to your kids. The Fein MSXE-636-2 kit is a great start for a full featured product that I'll be proud of for a long time. The safety, precision and features of the Fein will attract others who also feel that you get what you pay for!

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