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Delta TP400LS Shopmaster 12-1/2" Planer with Stand

Delta TP400LS Shopmaster 12-1/2" Planer with Stand

Shipping weight: 92 pounds
ASIN: B00006K00S
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Ideally suited for the home woodworking enthusiast looking for a good planer at an affordable price.

  • 15-amp motor for maximum power
  • Advanced cutter head lock for superior snipe control
  • Easy knife changing for perfect alignment each time
  • Longer chrome in-feed and out-feed tables
  • Complete with a stand and extra set of reversible knives Review
Delta has done it again. The TP400LS 12-1/2-inch planer is a solid addition to the company's already stellar lineup of planing tools, and it is ideally suited for the home woodworking enthusiast looking for a good planer at an affordable price. Like other Delta planers, this Shopmaster model is designed to provide smooth results, superior snipe control (thanks to the four-post cutterhead support system and headlock), and fast, safe, and accurate blade changes. Powered by a 15 amp, 120-volt single-phase motor, the planer generates an operating speed of 8,000 rpm. As materials pass into the unit, two double-sided, reversible knives deliver a blazing 51 cpi to smooth rough surfaces and provide an attractive finished result. The double-sided steel knives come factory-indexed and fit directly on machined posts in the cutterhead, so there's no fiddling with knife-setting fixtures or tricky gauges.

Plus, a magnetized blade-removing tool makes it a snap to get the blades out. Delta has also extended the infeed and outfeed tables on this unit to 28-1/2 inches to better support stock and included a sturdy stand to give you the option of making this a freestanding unit.

From the Manufacturer
The Delta 12-1/2-inch planer has been a great performer from the start. This comes to no surprise when you consider the two biggest problem areas in planers, snipe control and blade changes. Both of these problems have virtually been eliminated with this machine. In addition, look at all of the features packed into this unit.

This 12-1/2-inch planer still boasts a four-post cutter head support system and cutter headlock for amazing snipe reduction. The cutter head lock is actually threaded like a bolt, not spring-loaded for positive clamping action and consistent long-term performance. The clamps are on bars that are centered around the cutter head, preventing lifting of the cutter head, which causes snipe. This planer doesn't just deliver an excellent finish, it also makes knife changing a breeze. The double-sided steel knives are factory indexed to sit on machined posts in the cutter head, which automatically aligns them at the proper height. There is no need for knife-setting fixtures or gauges because the blades can only be installed one way-perfectly. Only one wrench is required for blade changing and a magnetic blade-removing tool is provided for easy removal and replacement of the blades. With a 15 amp motor and 6-by-12-1/2-inch capacity, this planer delivers a smooth finish at an affordable price with the benefit of the easiest blade change around. To improve on this unit we have added longer Chrome in-feed and out-feed tables extending them to 28-1/2 inches versus stamped steel to ensure smooth feeding. To make it more user friendly we are also throwing in a stand to make this a freestanding unit. Two year limited warranty on machines, parts and accessories. Includes planer, stand, blade changing wrench, blade removal tool, extra set of knives, and instruction manual.

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