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Tormek 2005 Super Grind includes How-To-Video a $9.99 Value

Tormek 2005 Super Grind includes How-To-Video a $9.99 Value

Shipping weight: 35 pounds
ASIN: B0000223ZB
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The powerful Tormek 2005 Super Grind 115-volt motor is rated for continuous operation and will easily cope with all your grinding and sharpening requirements.

  • Powerful 115-volt motor; 90 rpm
  • Water-cooled
  • Angle master sets correct edge angle
  • Aluminum oxide grindstone
  • Leather honing wheel Review
For anyone who uses and works with tools enough to require a grinder, this model from Tormek is a well-designed, high-performance option. First and foremost, the Tormek Super Grind is water-cooled, removing one of the major obstacles to grinding: overheating your tool. With the water-cooling system, the wheel is able to turn at a much higher revolution, allowing for more-accurate, cleaner results. With its excellent bracket and clamp system, the Tormek works well with varying kinds and sizes of blades, but keep in mind that it will need additional accessory brackets for some tools.

The grinder comes with an aluminum oxide grindstone and a leather honing wheel, and both connect to the motor at the same time so you won't have to switch wheels on the machine. The unit uses a 115-volt motor and reaches up to 90 rpm, which is plenty of power for most uses. In fact, we were impressed with the overall burliness of the tool--it's definitely intended for heavy-duty use. Only the on/off button was a little unwieldy, but it's well protected and should hold up. This Tormek is certainly a great machine for sharpening and finely honing gardening tools, woodworking tools, and more. An instruction video and book are included.

From the Manufacturer
Restore even badly damaged tools with the long-life stone on the Super Grind. The powerful 115-volt motor is rated for continuous operation and will easily cope with all your grinding and sharpening requirements. The angle master ensures a consistent and correct edge, while the leather honing wheel gently removes the burr and hones edges to razor sharpness. The honing wheel also features quick coupling for instant removal and interchange. There's an onboard water trough continuously cooling the edge and acting as an effective lubricant for easier grinding and a finer finish. The trough can be removed in seconds for emptying and cleaning. Other features include universal support, giving you fingertip control when grinding freehand; rubber feet to keep it steady; and a sturdy 3/8-inch steel housing. Your Super Grind purchase includes a straightedged jig, angle master, honing compound, and handbook. Tools not included.

Technical data:
Amps: 3
Watts: 200
Volts: 115
Horsepower: N/A
Wheel diameter: 10 and 8-1/4 in.
Spindle size: 5/8 in.
Space between wheels: 6 in.
Switch type: Toggle
No-load speed: 90 rpm
Cord length: 8 ft.
Cord type: Two-prong, rubber
Bearing type: Ball
Grade: Professional
Country of manufacture: Sweden
Also included: N/A
Spindle lock: No
Soft start: No
Electric brake: No
Lamp attachment: No
Eye shields: Yes
Water tank: Yes
Electronic feedback: No
Dust-collection ports: No
External brush access: No
AC/DC rated: No
Variable speed: No
Tool rests: Yes
Pedestal included: No
Wrench included: Yes
Grinding wheel(s) included: Yes
Guard and flange included: No
Height: 12-3/4 in.
Length: 10-5/8 in.
Width: 12 in.
Weight: 32 lbs.
Shipping weight: 35 lbs.
Product: 30-day no-risk trial, 1 year
Service: None

Customer Reviews:
Unbelievable, May 13, 2002
Reviewer: Tom Benassi from Baltimore, Maryland
I was skeptical about the Tormek especially with regard to the price, however I was very impressed. I bought the sharpening system with the thought that if it did not work I would return it. Needless to say, I did not return it. I never truly appreciated using hand tools until I sharpened my first chisel with the Tormek. As I had read in other reviews, I literally was able to effortlessly shave hair off my arm. I was able to pare mortises with no effort. The Tormek made a true believer out of me. Using hand tools is an absolute pleasure when they are razor sharp.

Worth every penny (and a whole lot of those at that), May 2, 2002
Reviewer: kjoemac from Pearland, Texas United States
I'm an avid woodworker and prefer to use power tools over hand tools. I get turned off by the woodworking purists who declare that only those that use hand tools are real artisans. My shop is full of the latest and greatest power tools. That being said, I can't get away from the need for chisels and planes from time to time. With such tools comes the need to keep them sharp. Since I'm power tool purist, I needed to find a power tool that would allow me to spend a minimum amount of time in order to re-achieve a great edge. After a lot of studying and viewing this item at a woodworking show, the decision was easy. The Tormek is undoubtedly the best thing on the market for sharpening. Expensive, true but well worth it. 15 minutes out of the box I had a scalpel-like edge on a Henkel kitchen knife (I love to cook as well.)

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on this unit. You will be extremely glad you did. If you don't, you'll always be wondering, ".. what would it have been like with a Tormek."

Great product., April 8, 2002
Reviewer: Phillip W Spivey from Andalusia, AL United States
Seldom do you find a product that lives up to it's hype. This one does. I started out with an old pair of scissors because my wife was sceptical. After the first one was finished she brought all she had. Then I moved on to the kitchen knives and from there to some planer blades I had been saving. I spent the rest of the day searching for anything I could find that needed sharpening.

Although expensive when you buy all the jigs you need, the quality you expect for this price is there.

One of the best investments I ever made, February 21, 2002
Reviewer: Vulcan Forge Blacksmith Shop from Lancaster, NH USA
I make my living with tools, ten years as a contractor and the last twenty as a blacksmith. Even though I buy top of the line tools, seldom does a tool surpass my expectations. The Tormek grinder is a notable exception. I bit the bullet and bought the complete setup with all the jigs. I started by grinding about 20 wood chisels that were in various states of dullness, including some with deep nicks. Without exception, I was literally able to shave the hair off my arm with every single chisel after sharpening them on this grinder. I also sharpened some scissors and on my first attempt, was able to cut a piece of cloth as narrow as a single thread wide. A hand plane was able to cut a shaving thin enough to see through. Tormek includes a jig that makes setting the exact blade angle a simple matter and proper angle/blade geomeetry is the key to a good edge.

Though the tools are sharp when you finish grinding, the leather honing wheel puts the finishing touch on a razor edge and cutting a thin curl across the end grain of a piece of wood is a simple matter. The instructions are clear and the machine well engineered. While a bit pricey for just home use, even hobby woodworkers would benefit from this investment. The tool is not difficult to use and I had my wife sharpen a couple chisels. There was no difference in the quality of the edges from those I did. I performed before and after tests with a chisel that appeared sharp. Initially it would cut a reasonably even curl going with the grain of the wood. After sharpening on the Tormek, it would cut the same, or even better, curl going across the grain and through a knot.

The jigs are versatile enough to allow for sharpening a wide range of tools. The edges I obtained were, in nearly all cases, better than the factory edges on a new tool. I highly recommend this grinder, especially to anyone who regularly uses, planes, chisels, gouges, and woodturning tools. It is a heavy duty machine that will do all the manufacturer claimes, and more! You will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Expensive, but labor-saving with fantastic results, April 24, 2001
Reviewer: A home improvement enthusiast from Natchez, MS USA
Like many others that are in to woodworking, I have always looked upon sharpening as a necessary but evil chore.Drag out the stones. Drag out the water or oil.Search around for the damn jig to hold the chisel at the proper angle.Stroke, stroke, stroke. Now spend time on the honing. And sometimes, even when you thought you had done the best you could do, the thing still is not as sharp as you would like it to be.

Cue the Tormek.I looked for a long time at many sharpening machines and systems. I also spent time reading reviews on the various systems and methods out there. I love delta tools, and was about ready to get one of their sharpening centers when I suddenly went into overdrive about Tormek. So I said "what the hell" and bought what was being offered as a Cabinetmakers Package deal. I will never regret the decision.

All I have told my woodworking friends is that if you do not own a Tormek, then you are using dull tools!! Period. This baby can put an edge on a chisel that is truly scary. I have never been able to obtain such an edge and a polish by hand. Now I am confident that there are those of you out there who can and do obtain comparable results by hand, but for me, I'll leave it in the hands of the expert, which in this case is the machine. But a few more them all over time. don't feed the dog for a few weeks, or go to cloth diapers for the kid...just save a few bucks and get to sharpening. I have already saved money by sharpening my own planer and joiner knives several times, and you know how expensive those knives can be, and how active woodworking can eat 'em up.Now these babies are kept sharp and ready.

And lathe tools? My's like a whole new world. I feel like I was using a screwdriver to turn with before I got this tool. It puts such an edge on your lathe turning tools that it is even more of a pleasure to turn, and, naturally, requires less effort.

I am nothing but satisfied with the tool. Pricey, yes. But you are paying for precision, accuracy, repeatability, and results. Just do it.

Terrific - but buy the optional stuff, December 26, 2000
Reviewer: Bill Brothers from Rocklin, CA United States
The Tormek system really does what it says. It is setup quickly and puts a razor sharp edge on almost anything. There are a couple of options that it SHOULD come with. The horizontal clamp and the grading stone are not really optional unless you only sharpen scissors. The leather wheel can be used in a hand-held fashion but works radically better with a jig in the horizontal position. I sharpen knifes, turning gouges, cabinet scrapers, plane blades, scissors, and carving tools (even vee tools) on mine. If you can afford it, buy this tool (and options).

A great grinder, June 27, 2000
Reviewer: Brian M. Godfrey from Manzanita, OR
Yes, it is expensive, but if you want a fast, repeatable, very sharp edge, without overheating it, get the Tormec. I carve in slate with woodworking tools and must resharpen them often. I can do it so quickly with this system that it hardly even slows me down, and the tools keep their temper.

Amazing Tormek, part 2, February 5, 2000
Reviewer: Charles E Osborne from Durham, NC
The Tormek 2004 grinder is recommended by several woodworking magazines as the best tool sharpening system on the market. The reasons are simple. Tormek has created a desceptively simple design and built the machine with quality parts to make it perform properly. The machine addresses the two main issues of sharpening, angle and temper.

In all sharpening operations, the tool must be held at a rigid angle to prevent rounding over the edge. This is difficult for the experienced and impossible for the novice. Tormek addresses this problem with an adjustible bar held rigid in a heavy steel casing. Special jigs hold every tool imaginable at the exact angle you select with an easy to use angle measuring device that comes with the grinder. Once the tool is ground to the final dimension, the wheel is graded to effectively make the grit finer and, without changing ANY settings, the tool is fine ground in less than 30 seconds. The last step is to buff off the small burr created at the edge to create an edge that will shave the hairs off your arm.

The second issue I mentioned above is temper. In the past, all sharpening operations were usually done sloooowly to prevent heat buildup at the fragile edge. If steel was removed too quickly, the edge would overheat and the tool would be destroyed. Tormek addresses this problem with a water bath that continuously bathes the wheel. The result is remakably fast metal removal with NO heat buildup.

In closing whether you are experienced or a novice, if you wish to sharpen vertually every tool in your shop to truely razor sharp edges that will cause envy amoung your friends, THIS is IT.

A "must have" item, February 4, 2000
Reviewer: Al from Atlantic Highlands, NJ
The TORMEK 2000 is so simple to use, it allows an amateur like myself to produce professional results. Although the Super Grind 2000 with the various jigs is expensive, it saves the user the effort associated with finding a professional sharpening service, taking the items to that service to be sharpened and picking them up at another time. All of which must be done during "store hours". By having a Super Grind in the home, sharpening can be done at your leisure, travel costs (and time) are eliminated and depending on its use, the Super Grind may eventually pay for itself. In addition to myself, I'm sure my neighbors will also be glad that I have a Super Grind 2000.

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