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Milwaukee 0524-24 18-Volt 1/2" T-Handle Hammer-Drill 0-500/1600 RPM with Two Batteries, Charger, and Case

Milwaukee 0524-24 18-Volt 1/2" T-Handle Hammer-Drill 0-500/1600 RPM with Two Batteries, Charger, and Case

Shipping weight: 15 pounds
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Drill into brick, block, concrete, wood, metal, composites, drywall, and other materials.

  • Exclusive reversible battery pack makes working in tight spaces easy
  • 2.4 amp/hr battery provides 20% more run time than other Ni-CAD batteries
  • All-metal Grip-Lok 1/2" chuck for extreme durability
  • 400 in./lbs. of torque with 20 position adjustment
  • Limited warranty, 30-day no-risk trial Review
The first thing one notices about this hammer drill is the reversible battery, a feature unique to Milwaukee drills and one that comes in handy when working in tight spots. The tool's balance feels good with the battery attached either way, although oddly enough we found the reverse battery configuration a little better than the normal configuration. One possible drawback to the reversible battery is that the contacts for the unused configuration are exposed, and may attract dirt if the tool is dropped in the mud or on the floor of a messy job site.

The need to occasionally clean contacts, however, struck us as a small price to pay for the added versatility a reversible battery system affords. The hammer drill has two speed ranges, from 0 to 500 rpm and 0 to 1,600 rpm, and the hammer action produces 20,800 beats per minute. The five-planet gearing system delivers high-torque performance, as well as transmission durability with 20 clutch positions. You can choose between drill-only mode and hammer-only mode. The hammer drill comes with two 2.4 amp batteries, a one-hour charger, and a rugged carrying case.

From the Manufacturer
The 0524-24, 18 volt T-Handle Hammer-Drill has two 2.4 amp-hr batteries for long run time, an all-metal 1/2-inch chuck for extreme durability and 400 in/lbs. of torque to drive large bits with authority. With a reversible battery for working in tight spaces and better balance for overhead work, and 20 different clutch positions this tool is ideal for use as a hammer-drill, drill, or screwdriver. The variable speed switch has a high/low selector switch allowing for 0-500 rpm on low and 0-1600 rpm on high. The hammer mechanism allows 0-20,800 blows per minute. Drill into brick, block, concrete, wood, metal, composites, drywall, and other materials. The soft grip reduces pressure points and absorbs tool vibrations. The T-Handle design provides optimum balance and comfort. Milwaukee products have a limited warranty. The 0524-24 comes with the Hammer-Drill, two batteries, one hour charger, and case.

Customer Reviews:
A Great Drill, October 7, 2002
Reviewer: Glenn Gray from Batesville, MS
I bought this drill after trying two Dewalt model DW987s. Both wobbled. The Milwaukee drills straight, has plenty of power, and has an all-metal chuck. The reversible battery is handy also. Look no further if you need a powerful cordless drill.

Holy Power Batman!!, September 25, 2002
Reviewer: subslug from Fort Worth, Texas United States
As good or better than any drill with a plug on it. I purchased this to replace a Dewalt cordless drill...WOW what a difference. This unit's batteries will hold the charge when not being used unlike the Dewalt's cheaper batteries. Nothings worse then showing up to a customers house and having to charge batteries for an hour before you can work. Just for fun I chucked up a 3/8 rod between this drill and my old Dewalt. Had a friend hold the Dewalt and I held the Milwaukee...we had a kind of "twist of war" needless to say the Milwaukee ate its lunch. As a side note, dont try that at's hard on your friends wrists and arms...hehe.

man-sized drill, September 8, 2002
Reviewer: col_kurz from CA United States
big, heavy & tons of may be more drill than i can handle. using the hammer action, you can drill into concrete in a big hurry and also drive #10 screws all the way through a 2X4. there's so much power that the drill twists in your hand from the torque reaction when you pull the trigger. this is a serious tool and i'm very happy with it.

As advertised - power+run time, August 27, 2002
Reviewer: honeydo from Apache Junction, AZ United States
Had the drill for a couple of weeks now, sunk many tapcons. Sheared off the tip of a new bosch #3 phillips bit on one (oops - good traction on the bit, didn't use the clutch). Seemed good on run-time... drilled 24 3/8-inch holes in 1/4-inch steel on a little over 1 full charge of a new battery (most batteries should reach peak performance on the 3rd or 4th charge, this battery was on it's first charge - oh, kudos to the bosch titanium drill bit, too). On the really high torque work, noticed a little flexing at the back of the grip where the seam is, but this only happened when i'd hit a sticking point and it'd feel like the drill was going to torque right out of my hand anyway. Highly recommended.

No more lemons!, June 10, 2002
Reviewer: toolpig from Troy Kansas
This is truly one of the best deals out there. It will do anything you could ask of a cordless. drilling wood metal or concrete or driving screws of all sizes with its sensitive clutch.You don't want anything bigger. Balance , power and runtime are unsurpassed. It's not as quiet as the Makita but it is less expensive , has just as much power and comes with metal chuck and a much longer warranty. Best of all, it's not yellow!

great drill - battery problems go away with time, April 24, 2002
Reviewer: sasha leitman from Cayucos, CA United States
This is my favorite powertool of all time. At first, I was frustrated with the battery pack as well but with a little bit of technique it now comes off easily. Plus, the 18V battery doesn't need to be changed too often so I see that as a very minor draw back. Just hold the buttons with one hand, the drill with another, and push the battery against a solid surface and it comes off with no problem. This from a woman with smaller hands than most men.

I am only mentioning the battery because of the reviewer that complained.

And as far as the exposed terminals go, they have stayed functional and clean up quickly - even when working with messy fiberglass sanding.

Best drill, difficult to remove battery, January 9, 2002
Reviewer: Peter David from Glen Rock, NJ USA
Beyond a doubt, this is the best cordless drill I have ever used. Powerful, though a bit heavy, I would recommend it highly for most tasks. If you are doing alot of drywall, I would choose a lighter drill but for occational drywall it is fine. I like the clutch so the screws don't drive too deeply. I find one frustrating drawback, it is very difficult to remove the battery. I also have a Milwaukee 14volt drill and it is a breese to remove that battery. I might exchange it for another of the same because of the difficulty removing the battery.

Unbeatable, November 12, 2001
Reviewer: Barret Steck from Chicago, Illinois United States
This drill is incredibly tough. I've dropped it plenty of times and no harm done. The metal chuck is a must-have feature. Nylon chucks get screwed up pretty quick if they rub up against things while drilling. The hammer-drill's capacity is 3/8" in masonry and that's no lies. It even drills 3/8" holes the various rockes with no trouble.

It is the most powerful and longest runtime of any corless I've ever used. It charges up in one hour, long before your second battery runs out. The case is nice. It has space for a 18V worklight; I have one (Very brite, great runtime). Some more bit storage would be nice.

This is one serious drill. More power than some impact wrenches. Anyone needing a real drill should get this one and leave the cheesy brands alone.

Great Product, July 19, 2001
Reviewer: Wayne McAllister from USA
I have used this drill for around 9 months now and have found it to be exceptional. It has tons of power and has no trouble belting through concrete and other masonary. The battery life is better than any other cordless drill I have used and recharging in fast.

The reversible battery is really useful, particularly when working at difficult angles. It is definitely no lightweight, but power to weight is unbeatable. This is my third Milwaukee tool, and I am equally pleased with the quality and performance of the others

This is THE drill to have, April 15, 2001
Reviewer: Kevin Bertetto from Elmendorf AFB, AK United States
As you may have read in some of my other reviews, I used to be a DeWalt user. Keywords USED TO BE. Well, once again, I replaced my 18 Volt DeWalt hammer drill with this Milwaukee. Because once again, the DeWalt fizzled out in the middle of a job in the middle of Alaska. There are no hardware stores or repair facilities in the remote areas of this state. We have to fly to most of our jobs, so the tools you bring with you are the tools you have to depend heavily on, and DeWalt couldn't make the grade. Between all the recalls of the batteries and chargers and the outright tool failures, I have converted all my tools to Milwaukee. Now that I have that off my chest, let me tell you a little about this drill. First of all, the reversible battery is an absolute must have, this option will save you a ton of grief, and not to mention wrist strain if working overhead. The 20 position clutch works perfectly, you set it to run drywall screws so you don't run through the paper, perfect every time. The hammering mechanism is also top notch, with 20,800 bpm, it has plenty of punch to get through the concrete, and also is great when setting tapcons. I'm also impressed with the 2.4 amp-hour batteries, they provide for alot of power for a long time. I now own 5 Milwaukee cordless tools, and I (as well as my crew) can't say enough about them, ZERO failures with very heavy use in some very harsh arctic conditions. You can't ask for much more.

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