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DeWalt DW431 3" x 21" Heavy Duty Variable Speed Electronic Belt Sander

DeWalt DW431 3" x 21" Heavy Duty Variable Speed Electronic Belt Sander

Shipping weight: 9.15 pounds
ASIN: B00002232O
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Compact, lightweight design permits use in tight spaces or vertical surfaces.

  • Self tensioning belt system reduces slipping
  • Electronic feedback for constant speed under load
  • 5.2-amp motor
  • Front mounted dust bag for use in tight spaces
  • Large flat steel plate for a better finish Review
DeWalt's 3-by-21-inch belt sander is a popular choice with do-it-yourselfers and many professionals, as well. It has a 5.2 amp motor with electronic speed control that keeps the belt speed constant under load. The variable-speed dial is easy to use and recessed well enough to prevent unintended adjustments while working; however, it's located near the rear of the handle, making on-the-fly changes a little tricky.

DeWalt mounted the dust bag on the front of the sander, and while this allows the tool to be used in tight spaces, we found that the arrangement forced us to work directly above the sander in order to maintain good visibility. As the tool heats and cools, expanding and contracting, the self-tensioning system adjusts the belt to prevent slippage. We found it to track well from one operation to the next, requiring little adjustment. This is a great sander for do-it-yourselfers and most professionals, but it's not quite as burly as the biggest 3-by-21-inch belt sanders on the market. People who intend to use a belt sander for the most strenuous tasks should consider a model with a bigger motor.

From the Manufacturer
Powerful 5.2 amp, 475 - 1,000 sfpm motor. Compact, lightweight design permits use in tight spaces or vertical surfaces. Self- tensioning belt system prevents misalignment of belts. Front-mounted dust bag allows full visibility of the work surface. Electronic feedback for constant speed under load. Large, flat steel plate provides a better finish. Includes: dust bag and one medium grit belt. Accepts 3-by-2-inch belts. One year warranty, one year service contract, 30 day no-risk trial

Customer Reviews:
Great little belt sander, August 13, 2002
Reviewer: A home improvement enthusiast from Houston, TX United States
This is my favorite belt sander for shaping corners, edges and any work where you need a "light touch." I also own several 4x24 Porter Cables including the 503 - the locomotive of all belt sanders. The big sanders are great for flattening panels, but not much fun when you are using the sander to round corners or light work in some other position than horizontal. This DeWalt is easy to hold. It is balanced well. The bag does as good a job as any bag does in collecting some of the dust - and the bag does not obscure your view when you are using the sander for what it does best. A quality-built, reliable tool that has served me well for more than three years. I think it is a great value.

...Has served the shop well!, April 13, 2002
Reviewer: A home improvement enthusiast from Cleveland, ohio United States
This sander has been around the shop for about six years and works great. It is powerful and has a good cord. The belt removal is easy to use too! Also it can be easily clamped on its side for use as a stationary tool.

DeWalt quality and features at a discount price., January 12, 2002
Reviewer: 1cavjimmy from Germantown, OH United States
This is a well balanced high quality sander. The handles are strong and well designed (I had another famous brand and the plastic 'T' handle cracked.) I couldn't beat this price anywhere. Great tool, great price, happy customer.

Excellent light weight Belt Sander, October 9, 2001
Reviewer: tahoe4475 from san clemente, ca United States
I bought the DW431 for sanding cabinet stiles. I needed a light weight sander that could remove a lot of material fast and capture as much dust as possible. The Sander removed stained hardwood material at a good rate. It's front dust bag design allowed me to utilize it in somewhat tight areas, I used a random orbital for the real tight areas. It's dust collection was very good for doing vertical work (about 60%). The method for changing belts is very easy. the removal of the dust bag is very easy although empting the dust bag is hindered a little by the internal bar in the bag that keeps it from collapsing. It met my expectations in all aspects.

My bad karma, August 9, 2001
Reviewer: 45mouton from Arlington, VA USA
Bought the sander and used it for a couple of days for some moderate to light sanding on a bookcase I was building. Belt tracking was excellent, the dust collector was not very effective and it lifted off from the sander frame at times as I lifted the sander off the work piece.

Day 3, disaster struck. After sanding for about 15 minutes, I put the sander down. Upon returning 30 minutes later, the motor completely siezed up, much to my surprise. Returned it to the store and bought a Bosch instead.

Handy Dandy Little Sander, November 6, 2000
Reviewer: Wallace R. Brooks from South Texas
This sander is lightweight and easy to use. Heavy-Duty is a misnomer. I have a neolithic belt sander from another manufacturer that is heavy duty. After it gouged a divot out of a book-matched glued up panel, I decided to try something else. I can control this sander with one hand across a panel. I can also hold it with one hand and take down edges and glue lines on small boxes. If you find this sander hard to control, consider buying the DW 4070 sanding frame. Belt sanding panels becomes an easy, fun experience. I really like this little sander.

Disappointed with Dewalt, October 16, 2000
Reviewer: A home improvement enthusiast from Clyde, OH United States
I have had nothing but problems. While still under warranty, the switch went out. A month later it would not run. I took it in to repair and the cost was over $100.00. Now the frame that holds the front roller is broken. Repair cost nearly another $100.00. When working, it is a good sander. I am a home hoppy person and do not use my tools rough or on a daily basis. Did I get a lemon?

Little Tank, August 11, 2000
Reviewer: A home improvement enthusiast from Petaluma, California USA
I continue to be impressed with this machine. It's weight and powerful motor make it as deterimined to do the job as a small tank seems to be in climbing a hill. It's solidly built and rugged. It's well designed: the sanding belt is easy to change and adjust, the aux. handle is well placed. I like that the bag can be removed so that you can get really close to the work in tight quarters. The motor speed isn't the fastest, but then if it were, you wouldn't be able to control it as well.

ok i guess, July 12, 2000
Reviewer: jeff from New England
This tool is way too under powered, if I push too hard i can stop it.The tool is very awkward feeling and seems is top-heavy, having a tendency to gouge the work.It is a good belt sander though for doing very light duty sanding, i wouldnt reccomened this sander for heavy stock removial, or re-finshing work.The bag in the front is nice but it screws up your whole grip, and it is very uncomfortable after long periods of use. If you do light work buy it if not by the porter cable or bosch.

DeWalt Variable Speed belt sander - the one to beat, June 20, 2000
Reviewer: Brett Rodney from Kent, Washington.
The front-mounted bag is one of the best features of this machine. My previous sander had a typical rear bag that stuck out in the view of your work and would sometimes even fall off. Another great feature is the variable speed. A belt sander can remove material really quickly. This feature minimizes the tendency to accidently overdo it. You can't beat DeWalt products and their features.

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