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Porter-Cable BN200V12K Cordless Brad Nailer Kit -- Includes 5,000 Free Brad Nails, a $29.99 Value!

Porter-Cable BN200V12K Cordless Brad Nailer Kit - Includes 5,000 Free Brad Nails

Porter Cable
Shipping weight: 17 pounds
ASIN: B00005V5NP
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This Porter-Cable BN200V12 incorporates the exclusive "Twin Power Source Technology" (TPS), which allows the operation of the unit either with the standard 12-volt battery or with your compressor.

  • Exclusive Twin Power Source Technology
  • Uses standard 18-gauge brad nails ranging from 3/4" to 2"
  • Electronically controlled on-board compressor
  • High and normal settings for hard or soft wood
  • Includes 12-volt high capacity batter, charger, 1/4" male coupler, 10,000 brads and case standard

From the Manufacturer
If you could design the "perfect" 18 gauge brad nailer kit this would probably be it! The BN200V12 incorporates the exclusive "Twin Power Source Technology" (TPS), which allows the operation of the unit either with the standard 12-volt battery or with your compressor. Since it uses standard 18 gauge brad nails ranging from 3/4 to 2 inches long and comes complete with a standard 1/4-inch male quick plug this unit operates exactly like a standard 18 gauge brad nailer. But, slide in the standard 12-volt battery and pick your required setting, either high or low depending on what type of wood you are firing into and suddenly you have the 2-inch brad nailer you dreamed of, a completely cordless one. The battery powers an electronically controlled on board compressor that utilizes patent pending EMC2 (Energy Management Control Circuit) technology which provides more than enough power to sink a 2-inch 18 gauge brad nail into oak. Since this is a Porter-Cable, you can be sure it is packed with features. It has a one-hand quick-release nosepiece for fast clearing of unlikely jams, tool free depth adjustment for exact setting of nail head, removable rubber nose to protect delicate work, a muffled, directional tool free exhaust port and a hard coated anodized side-load magazine with visual reload indicator.

Standard equipment includes nailer, high-capacity 12-volt battery pack, advanced diagnostic charger, 1/4-inch male quick plug coupler, carrying case, box of 1,000 brads, oil, allen wrenches, and operating manual. For a limited time, also includes 5,000 extra brads!

Customer Reviews:
Cool idea but not Porter Cables best effort., September 13, 2002
Reviewer: Charles Coman Jr from Pennsylvania
I purchased this nailer back in February and it immediately started giving me trouble. I bout the nailer at Home Depot and it got a massive air leak near the compressor after about an hour of use. I brought it back and they gave me a new one. I used this one for about a week and noticed that if it was below 65 degrees the front portion of the tool would not return and would leak air till it came free again. about 10 seconds. The manual says to install an overhaul kit but it was only a week old.?!?!?!?!?! It still leaks air from the top of the tool and needs to constantly repressurize. Only a minor inconvenience considering that i no longer deal with a hose and compressor. This tool has been a major labor saver. As a cabinet maker i need to hang crown molding and attach edging constantly. I also trimmed most of my house with only this nailer. Except for the leak it works fine. It shoots 2 inch nails with no problem into oak, maple, and most any other wood you can think of. I do reccommend purchasing another battery pack because they only provide one with the tool. Imagine getting down to the last couple pieces of trim and running out of battery power. Overall a good tool but the front half of the tool needs a bit of fine tuning. I am happy with it.

Nice idea but design may be faulty, March 18, 2002
Reviewer: dosskwd from Albuquerque, NM USA
I bought the Porter-Cable BN200V12 Cordless Brad Nailer near the end of this January (2002). I don't have a compressor in my small shop, so I liked the idea of a nailer with its own on-board compressor (as opposed to other "cordless" nailers that require expensive fuel cells). I will describe what I like about it below, as well as a concern I have about its durability--only 6-7 weeks after purchasing it, and having used it for no more than 100 nails, my unit is already having problems leaking air. The troubleshooting in the manual recommends installing an Overhaul Kit. After 6 weeks and less than 100 nails--I have to install an Overhaul Kit??? Read on....Right out of the box, I put it to use repairing some furniture, reattaching some trim molding, and, in general just having fun driving in finishing nails, ranging from 3/4" to 1-1/4" (it will handle up to 2"). It worked great and was easy to use (although the EXT AIR-OFF-NORMAL-HIGH selection switch is VERY VERY touchy and almost impossible to move one step at a time--I almost always end up in HIGH pressure mode when turning it on, and it trying to downselect to NORMAL, it is easy to go right on past to OFF and bleed off the pressure you just built up). As I don't have an external compressor, I have only used my nailer with its on-board compressor.I have only used it in the last few weeks to nail an occasional trim piece or rebuild a birdhouse here and there. Every time I use it, since I am only using the on-board compressor, I add a few drops of oil into the unit as the manual recommends. However, I am now having real problems with air leaks around the main drive cylinder area. It takes a LONG time to pressurize the first time I turn it on, and regularly WILL NOT recycle and repressurize after driving a nail. You can hear that the main piston is not recoiling, and I think this is what is causing the leak, as it is leaving the path to the cylinder exhaust open for an extended period, rather than the split second it is normally open to exhaust.As a result, it takes 10-20 seconds to recharge between nails, as opposed to the normal less than 1-second between nails for a repressurization. Often I just turn it off and start all over again to see if the main cylinder will reset and seal the unit.The troubleshooting in the manual for any leak condition in the front end of the nailer recommends tightening screws (which I have, and they were not loose to start with) and installing and OverHaul Kit (which I assume replaces all of the internal drive cylinder seals). (And, no, in case you are wondering, I am NOT leaving the external air connector inlet fitting in the Open or EXT position. In fact, the tool has a nifty red warning light that will come on if you do forget to close this fitting. And, the leaks are coming from the forward cylinder portion of the tool, not the compressor.)It seems a very poor design if Porter-Cable expects you to purchase and install an OverHaul kit after less than 100 nails...I would like to hear if other owners have had this problem. I will now be going through the hassle of trying to get warranty service after only having the unit for 6-7 weeks and driving less than 100 nails !!So, it is a nifty idea, and was great fun to use when it was working, but mine has started to leak air severely after having been used for a few weeks to drive well less than 100 nails. Hence the 2 out of 5.

Great cordless nailer, February 21, 2002
Reviewer: Dave Roberts from Wilkes-Barre, Pa. United States
Purchased this nailer [...]about a month and a half ago. So far, I've used it to put up some window trim and for a couple of furniture projects I'm working on. I purchased it in hopes of replacing my compressor driven brad nailer and finish nailer. Overall, it has performed very well and, like all cordless tools, you never truely appreciate not having a cord (or in this case, an air hose) attached until it's not there. I would recommend this nailer to anyone. You might consider buying an extra battery just in case the first one dies in the middle of a project and you don't have a compressor to back you up

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