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DeWalt D51845 Full Round Head Framing Nailer

DeWalt D51845 Full Round Head Framing Nailer

Shipping weight: 8.13 pounds
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DeWalt's D51845 full round head framing nailer weighs less than the competition and has more power to sink nails into the toughest building materials.

  • Magnesium frame and magazine weighs only 12.5 pounds
  • Only 12.75-inches tall, can drive nails in the tightest openings
  • Delivers plenty of power, 900 in./lbs. @ 100 psi, for engineered lumber
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Cast titanium exhaust plate for durability Review
DeWalt asked professional framers what they wanted in a nailer, and the result is this workhorse. It's light and comfortable in your hand but packs the power to drive up to 3-1/2-inch nails, and because it's only about a foot tall, it lends itself beautifully to working in tight spaces. Jams clear in a jiffy thanks to a hassle-free quick-release mechanism, and the dry fire lockout keeps the tool from firing when your magazine is almost empty, preventing internal damage. The bump-action trigger comes installed, but you'll receive the sequential action trigger, too. The best innovation of all is the tool-free depth adjustment no more grappling with wrenches and messing with air pressure. Action is smooth, the injection-molded rubber grip feels strong and sure, and a reversible belt/rafter hook will keep it right where you need it.

From the Manufacturer
DEWALT's D51845 Full Round Head Framing Nailer weighs less than the competition and has more power to sink nails into the toughest building materials. Weighing in at just 7.5 pounds, it is constructed using magnesium and titanium to minimize weight while adding durability to withstand extreme jobsite abuse. In addition, at 12-3/4-inches tall, the nailer is compact enough to drive nails in even the tightest openings.

DEWALT's unique internal valve design generates plenty of power with minimum recoil for driving nails into hard materials such as laminated engineered lumbers. For lighter applications such as sheathing and decking, nail depth is controlled with an innovative tool-free push button adjustment, eliminating the need for special wrenches or changes in air pressure to set nail heads flush. Designed with input from professional framers, the D51845 includes other unique features such as a patent pending quick-release jam clearing mechanism, a reversible rafter/belt hook, an impact resistant cast titanium exhaust plate and a injection-molded rubber grip. The D51845 Full Round Head Framing Nailer holds up to 60 20-degree full round head nails ranging from 2-to-3-1/2-inches in length and up to 0.148-inches in diameter. Your purchase includes full round head framing nailer with bump-action trigger, DEWALT safety glasses, DEWALT pneumatic oil and sequential action trigger.

Customer Reviews:
questionable quality control, September 13, 2002
Reviewer: A home improvement enthusiast from Montvale, NJ United States
I purchased this nailer because it had some features that my Porter Cable did not. Tools free depth adjustment and the rafter hook. Right out of the box the tool leaked air from the back end. I tested it anyway and it felt pretty good except that the trigger is too far away from the handle and it was unable to really sink toe nails, even with the pressure turned up to 125 psi and the nose fully retracted. The nosepiece was better than the PC for toenailing but did not offer a mar free tip. I decided to send this one back. If it leaks right out of the box, I doubt that the rest of it is assembled properly. The Porter Cable also came with a really nice case, and the Dewalt with just the box it was sent in.

Now That's A Nailer!, July 23, 2002
Reviewer: Joseph Rose from Santa Ana, California United States
Out of every nailer I've ever used, this one is by far the best! This gun has a depth adjustment for the nails and so far, I have never had to go back with a hammer and finish the job. In fact, in some cases, it sunk the nails a little too far! If you do any framing or decking, you need this tool. It makes fast easy work out of a normally tediuos and time consuming job. Also, another important tid bit of info. for you. It has never jammed on me yet. The best part is, if it does, you don't need any tools to clear the jam!

Best nailer available, April 10, 2002
Reviewer: Bill Gerung from Boston, MA
I recently purchased one of these new dewalt nailers for my framing crew. The guys like it so much that they actually fight for postion as to who gets to use this tool each day. It really is a nice tool and the guys like its lightweight and kick butt depth feature. So far, we see it as the best nailer available and plan on purchasing two more in this week. I've used them all and really like this one. Go Sox!!!

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